Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Problem. Solution.


Problem: messy hose on the ground. It needs a new home.

Solution: install a hose hanger near the faucet and hang up the hose. Placing the hose hanger higher than usual leaves more space below for the hose to hang. More length=less loops=less work to put the hose away.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What I have to get done today...


hese are some of the things I have to get done today. Some of them are fun, some are not so much. I might post here about some of the house-related ones in the future. You can find more info about the non-house-related ones (like the cooking) on my other blog, For Knits 'N Giggles.

- Hang blackboard note center (now that I have velcro) & check shipping of chalkboard eraser
- Tidy and clean dining room table and finally (finally!) put out Autumn decorations
- Strip finish off chairs (hopefully all of them)
- Buy cream, milk & ice for ice cream
- Get heating oil and turn on heater
- Make brown butter ice cream
- Make eggplant parmesan
- Make plum crumble
- Do dishes

Image credit: Scrape TV