The Seasonal List

This is a list of seasonal projects. These are things that I might repeat every year (such as winterizing, decorating for holidays, or switching from winter to summer draperies), as well as items that must be completed by a certain date or not at all (such as planting certain things in the garden). The projects will be divided by year and season, and each item will be given a completion date (if necessary).

Decorate for Halloween (Finish by Oct. 28th at the latest!) (Kind-of-finished Oct. 31st)
Put shrink wrap stuff over all non-operable windows
Change out summer draperies to thicker winter ones
Hang wool blanket in front of Z's office door to outside (By Oct. 26th) (Done Oct. 26th)
Buy heating oil (Delivery scheduled for Monday, Nov. 8th)
Decorate for Thanksgiving (Between Nov. 1st and 7th (daylight savings))
Decorate for Christmas (Between Nov. 26th and Dec. 24th)