The Master List

Update (Nov. 6th): Joe says the house has to be finished (ie: fully functional and moved in) by Dec. 12th (the end of his finals week) or he is taking over :) The starred items below are the projects that need to be completed for him to consider it "done". 

This is the list of the all the permanent projects that have to be done. Big or small they go on this list. No projects will be deleted, only crossed off, so the list will always be growing. I will do my best to keep track of how much each project costs so I can list the price next to it. If it's labeled "free" it probably means I already had the supplies, not that it really cost nothing. Each crossed-off project will also have the date of completion listed after it, and will be linked to its corresponding post. So you will just be able to click on any completed item on the list and be taken straight to the post where you can read about how it was done. If you would like to know more about a project that was finished awhile ago and not posted about, just request a post about it in the comments.

If you are interested in seasonal/temporary projects (such as decorating for holidays, weatherizing that will be taken down when warm weather comes, etc) please see the page for "The Seasonal List".

The Master List 

House Exterior / Deck:
- Hang house numbers
- Paint front door (red?)
- Prep exterior for painting
- Paint exterior
- Make and install fold-down seat/bench on deck
- Buy and install retractable clothesline across deck
* Buy and install sod patch on deck for Taco's potty area
- Buy/make cover/awning for deck area
- Install cover over deck area
- Install posts at corners of front door overhang
- Change front door handle
- Fix gutter downspout by door to bedroom
* Install gutter downspout filters

- Try paint samples and decide on color
- Prep for painting
- Paint
- Install crown molding
- Buy, paint, and hang mail sorter ($6) (July 2010)
- Hang shelf and coat rack/bar (Free) (July 2010)
- Build and place shoe bench (Free) (July 2010)
- Temporarily reupholster recliner chair (Free) (July 2010)
- Make reading nook (Free) (July 2010)
* Hang blackboard note center
* Hang artwork
* Install wood to block off area behind stairs
* Install curtain to block off area behind stairs
* Install shelves and/or hooks behind stairs
* Install book shelves on wood blocking off area behind stairs
- Change out light fixture by front door
- Install "screen-door" curtain in front door
- Change swing direction of front door
- Make temporary curtain for front door (Free) (July 2010)
- Make/buy curtain for front door
* Make/buy curtain for window over heater
- Change out switch-plates
* Fix/replace broken tile
- Buy rug
- Install baseboards
* Install weatherstripping around door, windows, and skylights
* Install ceiling fan

Front Loft:
* Get our friend's booth out of there
* Vacuum and deodorize carpet
- Install lock-open support hinges on skylights so we can keep them open
- Install screens on skylights
* Install shelves/cubbies/something to help organize
* Make drapery to block off loft
* Install loft drapery
- Change switch-plates

Dining Room:
- Buy table and chairs ($20) (September 2010)
- Make replacement stretcher rails for dining chairs ($30) (October 2010)
- Re-glue and fix dining chairs ($15) (October 12th, 2010)
* Strip old finish off dining chairs
* Level dining chair legs and replace sliders (if necessary)
* Refinish dining chairs
* Wax dining chairs
* Prep table for refinishing (ie: clean well)
* Refinish table
* Wax table
* Install light over table

- Try paint samples and decide on color
- Prep for painting
- Paint
- Install new shelves
- Strip bad paint off of sink/cabinet unit
* Fix/reinforce/lower bar
* Remove/cut 4x4 so we can push stove back
- Hang curtain in front of bar to block storage area
- Patch rips in vinyl floor
* Clean tile
* Fix hole in wall under sink
* Fix hinges on fridge
* Install shelves in front of window to bedroom
- Replace light fixture
- Install baseboards
- Fix windowsill and huge hole around light switch ($30) (July 2010)
- Install lighting under shelf over sink
- Put up caterpillar decal on wall by 220 stove outlet
- Hang trays on wall
- Hang artwork
- Install new faucet and sprayer
- Install new sink drains
- Find new spot for microwave (under bar maybe?)

Pet Area:
* Buy and install plexiglass over entire door for insulation
* Install doggy/kitty door
- Make Taco a wraparound bed for chimney area
* Fix door frame by door to office
- Replace switch-plates
- Install baseboards
- Replace light fixtures (at least the glass shades)
- Hang artwork

My Office:
- Hang shelves on wall (Free) (July 2010)
* Strip paint off door handle and reinstall
- Hang artwork (Free) (July 2010)
- Finish unpacking all craft supplies
* Replace missing pane in window
* Fix/replace door to outside
* Add weatherstripping to doors, windows, and skylights

My Loft:
- Finish unpacking everything up there
- Make an organized wrapping storage area up there
- Clean and organize for my brother to stay up there

Movie Room:
- Make cover for day bed
- Make pillows for daybed
- Buy tv
* Hang lights in corner of room

- Hang long curtain rod along beam
- Hang curtain rod/track in front of closet and window
- Make/buy coordinating draperies for entire room
- Install draperies
* Buy box spring/slats
* Put together/fix new bed frame
* Move bed to other wall
* Buy/make bedside table for Joe
* Install reading light for Joe
* Fix/replace clothes hamper
- Install baseboards where needed
- Change door handle to bedroom
* Plug holes and fix gaps by bedroom door

Joe's Office:
- Add molding/edge along workbench
- Buy and install wipe-off (glass) board
- Hang artwork
* Install proper weatherstripping by door and window
* Fix missing door frame by door to outside
- Buy new office chair
- Install baseboards where needed
- Replace light fixture

- Frost window for privacy ($6) (July 2010)
- Try samples and pick paint color
- Prep for painting
- Paint
- Replace sink (or at least faucet)
- Spruce up sink cabinet with paint and new handles ($10) (August, 2010)
- Replace medicine cabinet ($10) (August, 2010)
* Hang hooks for towels
- Replace hamper
- Put up decal in shower
- Install baseboards where needed
- Buy and hang artwork ($11) (July 2010)

- Remove trash (Free) (July 2010)
- Find new home for the boat (Free) (August 2010)
- Put up hose hanger (Free) (October 18th, 2010)
- Find place to store garden tools until we get a shed (Free) October 18th, 2010)
- Buy and install garden shed
- Build raised beds and fill with soil
- Lay walkway between raised beds
- Plant wildflowers
- Build arbor from front overhang out to driveway
- Lay walkway from main path to driveway
- Lay walkway from driveway to garden shed
- Lay slab/gravel/pavers for trash cans to sit on
- Cover outdoor dining area with awning/tent
- Build divider wall (or plantings) between dining area and rest of driveway
- Plant veggies in raised beds
- Plant Lemon Balm (or other fragrant weed) along path to laundry room
- Straighten out bottoms of outdoor dining chairs and deal with rust
- Paint outdoor dining chairs
- Make cushions for outdoor dining chairs
- Buy/make fire pit
- Buy new grill
- Buy outdoor table and chairs
- Fix gate at end of driveway
- Buy and install large house numbers on gate
- Buy and install mailbox and small house numbers on fence
- Dig up all blackberries (Free) (September 2010)
- Spray blackberry remnants to prevent re-growth

Laundry Room:
- Clean all trash/junk out of there (Free) (August 2010)
- Clean all trash/junk outside of laundry room
- Clean away all lint/cobwebs
- Clean inside of cabinets
- Fix broken cabinet doors
- Paint cabinets
- Put in tray for soap and basket for lost/found items/etc
* Install water heater insulator blanket
* Strip paint off of door handle and reinstall

* Make furniture wax

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